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Espresso Martini (6 pack)

Coffee Bean Pouch

It's all about the Coffee

Meet Lauren, our founder

I'm a 34 year old Londoner with a passion for all things food and drink. I love nothing more than eating out with friends and will always start my night with an Espresso Martini!

Dottie's was born out of this love for an Espresso Martini coupled with a disappointment of what was on offer from the canned cocktail market. I wanted to enjoy my fav cocktail at home but creating a decent one is time consuming and difficult! In 2019 I was flying home from a friend's hen do when I saw an Espresso Martini on the menu, I was SO excited at the thought of enjoying this cocktail in the air, however my excitement soon dwindled when the cocktail arrived. It was an overly sweet drink, tasted nothing like coffee and was in a bright blue can. Not quite the luxury cocktail experience I'd hoped for!

I spotted an opportunity to create a beautifully crafted Espresso Martini, one that is consistent, keeps quality at its heart, uses quality coffee and stays true to the authentic taste of this fabulous drink.

My vision for Dottie's is to elevate your moment of joy. Whether that's a Friday night treat once the kids are in bed, or a quality cocktail on the way to your friend's hen do. I want Dottie's to be there with you adding a touch of decadence to whatever your joy is. I called the business Dottie's after my late grandmother Dorothy who you can learn more about below.  I hope you enjoy!


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Why compromise on foam?


This one's for you Nanny Dot


Don't just take our word for it...

"I ordered Dottie's Espresso Martini 6 pack on the very strong (borderline enthusiastic!) recommendation of a friend who who worships at the altar of Espresso Martini's. I was not disappointed. Absolutely superb quality coffee and the foam was tremendous, lasted all the way to the bottom (all 6 times!)"

Tim Martin, Marlborough UK

Don't just take our word for it...

"I'm not kidding, this was the bee's knees! Fantastic stuff Lauren, we will be ordering again."

Michelle McParland, Liverpool UK

Nutritional Information

Approx 160K cals per can • Each can contains a shot and a half of espresso • 7% ABV
Gluten Free • Dairy Free • Vegan Friendly