Meet Dorothy! The inspirational woman behind dottie's drinks who was also my beautiful grandmother, Nanny Dot.

Nanny Dot was born in London in 1940. A single parent who lived and worked in the North West of the city carving out a successful career for herself as a civil servant. Nanny Dot was a huge part of my childhood and would regularly help my mum with looking after me and my two brothers. She was a kind and loving woman who doted on her three grandchildren. This was no more apparent when myself and my brothers left school one day to see her waiting at the school gates to surprise us with a trip to Disneyland Paris! Her grand gestures of love were also coupled with wise words, she was always telling me to go for it and let nothing hold me back, she had a very strong work ethic and determination to succeed which I always looked up to. Although she may be gone, she lives on through us, from the name of our brand to the design work on our cans which was taken from a landmark in Stonebridge near to where she lived and where we shared so many wonderful memories.

Welcome to dottie's, this ones for you Nanny Dot x
Delightful fact: Dorothy was the second most popular girl's name in the 1920s so I'm bringing it back for the 2020s with a modern twist in the form of a premium canned cocktail!